Area Consultorķa  


Our associates who have developed significant expertise in their work on economic and financial planning for different leading organizations, are in charge of all the consulting area operations. In order to guarantee a uniformity in the solutions rendered to every client, the main partner of our firm leads this area.

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For large organizations, our services aim at supporting the area managers when facing specific needs.

For medium size and small companies, our services cover – on a part time and continuous basis – all the activities, which cannot be internally handled.

  • Administration and Finance

Organization and reorganization of companies:

* Enhancing administrative and operating structures
* The analysis of positions and tasks which might add value to the activities of the company
* Implementation and follow up of operating cost reduction plans
* Takeovers and mergers

Managerial Control Desk:

The design and implementation of the managerial control desk, as a tool for the information and operation of high management.

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The economic and financial planning and control

Credit risk analysis

Assessment of new businesses and investment projects


  • Systems
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Evaluations of the systems area, systems plans and existing applications.

Analysis, design and implementation of systems, according to the needs of the client.

Outsourcing processing or equipment backup services for alternative processing. Our Systems associated consultant carries out these services.

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