Our Background

Fulgueira & Associates is a local Consultant of independent CPAs founded in 1985, aiming at rendering all services related to the Accounting field.

In 1995 – through strategic alliances with a team of specialists with significant expertise in large companies - we added a new service: Consultancy in Management, Finance and Systems.

Again, in 1997 new services were added: Outsourcing  for  management  operations,  to

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satisfy the needs of our clients, demanding the advantages of a specialized service at a low cost.

As from its inception, Fulgueira & Assoc., has clearly set its own objectives: to render high quality professional services, to work with a significant commitment with its clients – through ideas and suggestions – and to charge highly competitive fees.

A customized client service, the practical expertise of the professionals engaged in every project and the flexible structure of our organization are some of our competitive advantages which allow us to successfully meet the needs of our clients.

In the next pages you will find a brief summary of our current services.